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Russell Stanley

Since abandoning a fairly boring but successful career in finance in 2006, Russell has built up a strong background of working in and with schools, firstly as a primary school teacher, and then in a variety of roles across the spectrum of Personal, Social, Health & Economic (PSHE) education within both Education and Public Health departments for a Local Authority, including managing a Healthy Schools team.  Russell now works across the country supporting schools as an independent PSHEe consultant and advisor.  He has also served as a Chair of Governors in a primary school and held other voluntary roles working with children and young people.

Russell is passionate about PSHE education and the unique difference that this subject can make to the lives of children and young people, both now and in their futures.  Much of his work with schools is in enabling them to match their wider aims with the huge benefits that a strong and effective PSHE curriculum can bring.  In order to achieve this, Russell knows that a pragmatic and holistic approach is vital to help schools against the backdrop of busy timetables and competing agendas.

“Having worked with such a range of different schools and professionals in my career, I am completely convinced that effective PSHE, and SMSC as a core component of pupil development, is the bedrock upon which schools should build their practice.  Regardless of ‘what type of school you are’, the fundamental skills, knowledge, and understanding that our children need to develop to be safe, happy and successful are based within this.”