Verification Team

Kerry Hill

Kerry Hill is head teacher at Eyres Monsell Primary School, a city school in Leicester. Drawing from a disadvantaged catchment, SMSC is at the heart of the schools work and culture to support children to overcome barriers and grow as individuals – within and beyond the school gates.

“Developing children as individuals; to form positive relationships, be able to flourish in the world around them and have the personal, social and emotional tools to effectively manage themselves and contribute to their communities, is crucial in our work as educators. SMSC is the rich tapestry of skills, knowledge and experiences that will underpin our pupils’ lives and enable them to be successful both now and in an ever-changing future.”

Eyres Monsell is an SMSC Gold Award School that has wide-ranging provisions tailored to developing SMSC across its curriculum and daily life. The school is very proud of its award as a testament to its’ ethos which ensures pupils grow and develop socially, emotionally and with an awareness of the wider world and their place in it, alongside academic development.

Your school achieved the ‘Gold’ award with flying colours, presenting evidence in abundance for each of the standards. It is clear that SMSC is at the centre of everything the school does, supported passionately from the top down and by your SLT. It is exemplified in your engaging, articulate pupils whose impact is remarkable.”

SMSC Verification Report

The school has a strong ethos linked to mental health and well-being, being the first school in the country to be awarded the Gold Status for the Carnegie Centre of Excellence’s Mental Health in Schools’ award in February 2018.