Verification Team

John Rees

John is passionately committed to enhancing the achievement and life chances of children and young people, through school improvement and by supporting the professional development of individuals and organizations.

Having taught for 12 years, latterly as a senior leader, John lead the transformation of a school-based health education initiative, from a 2-school research project into an effective multi-agency programme with unique evidence of health benefit and educational improvement. The programme engaged approximately 200 schools across the UK and overseas and trained teachers to work with health professionals and young people as peer educators and produced unique evidence of health improvement and education gain.

John became an independent educational consultant in 2006. In addition to his work with the Citizenship Foundation, and a range of coaching, training and consultancy roles to support school improvement across the UK and overseas he is currently an ‘Achievement Coach’ with ‘Achievement for All’; a coach and facilitator with ‘Ambition School Leadership’; a Pathway Tutor supporting trainee Teachers through the TES Institute and an associate with ‘HeadspaceCIC’.

‘SMSC development is the essence of education; it addresses those aspects not tested by our current assessment regimes but by supporting the wellbeing of all members of the school community is the glue that holds society together.’