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David Brandrick

David is currently SMSC strategic lead across a number of schools within a trust.

David has worked in secondary education for 11 years, starting out in special needs education. He believes passionately in the holistic development of young people and that PSHE/Citizenship/SMSC development should be the foundation of school life if we are to truly develop our young people into confident, self-assured adults who are able to be active citizens in their local communities.

From head of department to the current role of strategic lead for SMSC, David has developed a well balanced, challenging and, more importantly, modern SMSC experience for young people. As a firm believer of learning outside the classroom, David has engaged multi-agencies from across the education sector to enhance and enrich the delivery of SMSC values to young people. He supports the delivery of the SMSC vision as Vice Chair on the governing boards of a Pupil Referral Unit and local primary school.

In today’s world, SMSC has never been more relevant in helping to develop and sustain communities, provide safe spaces for discussion and critical thinking in the classroom, as well as ensuring young people have a voice and place in society from which to thrive. As educators, we must always remember that we hold the next generation in our hands!