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Azam Ali

Throughout his seventeen years as a middle and senior leader in secondary schools, Azam has always been very passionate about promoting ways to ensure his pupils have a holistic education which prepares them for life in a diverse and complex world. Azam has led RE, Citizenship, and SMSC in schools and delivered training to other schools on outstanding practice. He has also been particularly involved in school linking projects; enabling pupils from different socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds to form meaningful connections with each other to help break down barriers.

In fact, Azam’s commitment to community cohesion has led him to leave teaching in order to work for The Linking Network; which supports schools to explore identity and celebrate diversity through linking with each other. His work with The Linking Network also allows him to provide training on SMSC, RE, and safeguarding. He is also able to deliver expert training on ways to tackle Islamophobia and promote racial harmony in classrooms.

Azam believes that “our children deserve the very best education which enriches their lives, creates a sense of belonging, gives them confidence and allows them to reflect on the things that truly matter to them. Only a curriculum rich in SMSC can deliver this and much more…”