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Arnet Donkin

Arnet works as an education consultant, interim headteacher and playback theatre trainer/actor. He has worked in education for over thirty years, with experience in senior leadership posts in mainstream and special schools. Working for ten years as a local authority adviser, Arnet led on equality and inclusion within Plymouth Children’s Services and managed the Healthy Schools, PSHE and citizenship team.

At the heart of the Arnet’s work in education has always been the belief that everyone has value; that through education lives can change; through the belief and positive energy that teachers can bring to a child, new and fruitful horizons can open up for young people.

Arnet is passionate about playback theatre, an improvised form of participatory theatre, where the audience’s stories are brought to life on stage by the actors.

Our stories are key to our identity, the stories that we tell ourselves and the collective stories of a community reveal something of the identity, values, and belief of a community.

In the same way, the work we do in schools through SMSC, helps children to understand, to value and to be able to be a part of, the community they will grow to be a part of.