Please read:

  • We are pausing all new verification applications for now whilst we review our internal processes.
  • All existing SMSC Quality Mark verifications will continue as normal.
  • We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to supporting new schools in the 2024/2025 academic year.

The SMSC Quality Mark team


In order to receive your National SMSC Quality Mark award level your school will need to apply for verification.

This can only be requested once you have submitted your completed self-review tool online.


What happens in the verification?

The verification process involves one of our team of verifiers attending your school for 3.5 hours to review and validate your school’s assessment.

During this time the verifier will also provide you with ideas to improve your provision moving forward.

Upon payment of the verification fee you will be contacted to arrange a suitable date for the verifier’s half-day school visit. You will be sent the suggested timetable (seen below) which you will be asked to tailor to suit your school day.

9.00Verifier arrives at school
9.00– 09.15Meeting Headteacher and SMSC Lead
9.15 – 09.45Brief tour of the School – led by pupils / SMSC lead? NB 30 mins max
09.45– 10.35Meeting pupils (group of 8-10 pupils) from a variety of year groups. Preferably not all School Councillors
10.35- 10.55Meeting with Governors
10.55-11.15Meeting with Parents
11.15– 12.15Discuss self-review tool to probe evidence, agree strengths and suggest areas for improvement with SMSC Lead
12.15– 12.30Meeting with Headteacher and SMSC Lead to conclude findings, strengths and any areas for development, and to discuss the proposed final level

The Headteacher/SMSC Lead will receive the verifier’s report confirming the approved final level within 5-7 working days.

The award is valid for 3 years.

‘So many quality marks are laborious and the providers do not provide much support, but I felt with this Quality Mark I was supported and all the work I had done had been very purposeful and not at all onerous.’       Headteacher, Hillcrest Primary School

The role of the verifier

The verifier’s role is primarily one of affirmation, to support the school’s own self-reflection. The verification visit provides an independent, expert triangulation of the self-review and ensures that the schools’ assessment is in line with national guidance and with other schools across the country.
Within seven working days of the school visit, the SMSC Co-ordinator/Headteacher will be notified of the agreed final level once it has been confirmed by the SMSC Quality Mark panel. Schools will then be presented with a certificate and will be entitled to use the logo on their print and digital communications, i.e. school website, official school documentation and prospectuses.

Options and costs

As there are a limited number of verifiers covering the whole country, we add travel costs in addition to the verification fee. This will be detailed when you book your verification.

  1. Verification: £550.00 + VAT 
  2. Verification Plus: £750 + VAT (includes consultation with SMSC lead/Headteacher)
  3. International Verification: £995 + VAT (Virtual verification and includes a pre-verification consultation with SMSC lead/Headteacher)


What is Verification Plus?

Verification Plus provides the school with a consultation visit prior to the verification visit. During the 90-minute consultation the SMSC Lead and/ or Headteacher will have the opportunity to discuss their completed self-review tool with a verifier to seek guidance, support and ideas to further strengthen the school’s provision of SMSC before the verification visit takes place.

We ask that the consultation meeting be booked at least 2 months prior to the verification visit in order to allow the school plenty of time to address the points of action raised.

‘The consultation session before our SMSC accreditation was extremely helpful in clarifying exactly what would be expected on the day and in giving me practical and meaningful advice for how to improve upon our SMSC provision within the school. Our conversation on the day was purposeful and I appreciated Sian taking a keen, genuine interest in how our school helps to develop students’ understanding of SMSC issues, as well as steering us in the right direction towards gaining our Gold award. Having the consultation prior to the accreditation was definitely advantageous.’  SMSC Lead, Burntwood Secondary School

Apply for Verification
Apply for Verification Plus

Our verification team

Abbie Underwood


Abbie is a SMSC leader within an all through academy, who received the first SMSC Gold Quality Mark.

Arnet Donkin


Arnet works as an education consultant, interim headteacher and playback theatre trainer/actor.

David Brandrick


David is currently SMSC strategic lead across a number of schools within a trust.

Gemma Orchard


Gemma is Subject Lead for Religion & Ethics, oversees SMSC, and British Values her secondary school.

John Rees


John is passionately committed to enhancing the achievement and life chances of young people.

Meg Marshall


Meg recently retired from headship, having moved two schools ofsted results from RI to Good.

Rachel Tomlinson


Rachel Tomlinson is the headteacher of Barrowford Primary School in East Lancashire.

Roy Huggins


Roy is a an outstanding teacher with 26 Years of experience of working in challenging schools.

Russell Stanley


Russell works across the country supporting schools as an independent PSHE consultant and advisor.

Safiyya Ahmed


Safiyya Ahmed is an experienced school leader and former deputy head teacher.

Sandra Saint


Sandra is a co-Director of Golden Tree CIC and an advocate of positive personal development.

Siân Rowland


Siân Rowland,is a former deputy head teacher and Local Authority adviser.