Why should we go for this award?

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The National SMSC Quality Mark is a unique opportunity for schools to self-assess their SMSC provision against a set of nationally agreed criteria and have this verified by one of our expert team. The ‘verifier +’ option provides additional coaching/consultancy support to further enhance school improvement.

Our pilot schools found that the Quality Mark was an excellent way of reviewing their provision for SMSC development and equipping them to implement their vision for SMSC.

‘SMSC is difficult to capture as it’s not a subject and so can be difficult to evidence. It’s not something you can view in isolation, as it’s part of everything we do without realising it. I feel it’s now clearer to me how to evidence it and the most useful part of the whole process was the clarity I now feel.’ SMSC Lead, Lydgate Junior & Infant School, Kirklees.

‘It allowed us to focus our attention on some of the really brilliant work the school does on SMSC, whilst at the same time helping us to identify our next steps.’ Headteacher, Cedars Manor, Harrow.

‘Don’t think you’re not ready. SMSC is not a separate entity. So much focus is given to curriculum and core subjects. SMSC is the poor relative. If we don’t get the SMSC right everything else won’t happen.’ SMSC Lead, Hillcrest Academy, Leeds.

‘Ofsted’s inspection guidance makes clear that the evidence schools provide regarding the effectiveness of their PSHE education and of pupils’ SMSC development is more crucial than ever to informing the judgements inspectors make regarding leadership and management, the quality of teaching and learning, personal development, behaviour and welfare, safeguarding and ultimately, the overall effectiveness of the school.’ Janet Palmer, former Lead HMI for SMSC.

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